The Youth Connection



About Us

The Youth Connection - located in downtown Shelton and in Belfair was created to meet the needs of our young people in Mason County. Our main goal is to provide a safe place for young people to explore who they are. The drop-in center is designed to provide a space for youth to connect with mentors or case manager who encourage positive interactions with adults and youth, access services available and find their best possible outcome. Or just provide a fun place to hang out, play games, access internet, get homework help, find a meal, clothing, or hygiene items. WE want to be support however we can.

Each youth has their own story, their own path to follow and we are here to support them in their choices. We hope to identifying youth at risk or who are homeless and connect them to housing options as we believe no youth should be with out a safe place to sleep. The Youth Connection hopes to change the lives of the young people who come in our building who feel ''Hopeless'' and make sure they can feel ''Hopeful'' and worthy.